The JCMT Plane Survey

I thought a  suitable first blog post would be to commemorate the publication of my latest paper, The JCMT Plane Survey: First complete data release – emission maps and compact source catalogue.

This paper, accepted in MNRAS, is the release of the JCMT Plane Survey (JPS) data. The JPS is a blind, yet targeted survey of the Galactic Plane in the 850-μm continuum. We have observed fields centred at the Galactic longitudes of l = 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, going to depths of 7.19 mJy/beam, or sensitive to 100 M_solar at 20 kpc. This is a valuable asset to Galactic astronomy and the study of star formation as it provides a total census of high-mass star forming regions within these regions of the Galaxy, at a much higher angular resolution than existing surveys. As well as providing the maps, we present a catalogue of 7,813 sources, the vast majority of them will be the sites of star formation.

I’m looking forward to the vast amount of science that will be performed using this data set, from myself, internal JPS collaborators, and the wider astronomy community.